China Express spring rolls

One of the go to spots in Jamaica is The Courtyard at The Market Place. The reason for this is simply the nesting of restaurants situated there. At present, there are five restaurants which offer foods from Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, and West Indian cuisines.

I have visited the courtyard on quite a few occasions and I’ve  decided to zoom in on China Express. This restaurant prides itself in serving authentic Chinese cuisine and offers a take out service as well as a dining experience. It is arguably the largest of all the restaurants.

One convenience of this restaurant is that one does not necessarily need to make a reservation. Upon entry, you are greeted by a host or hostess 

China Express table

and escorted to a table of your choice. There are tables available to accommodate couples, and small and large groups. The decor had a Chinese theme, from the lamps hanging from the ceiling to paintings on the walls. The chairs were made of what looked like bamboo,  with the padding and the top back rail covered with what resembled leather. There was a good light balance, and depending on where you were seated you could easily have a nice, romantic dining experience or a light, friendly one.

The menu has a quite a few things to choose from as it included seafood dishes, chicken, beef, duck, and vegetarian options, just to name a few. I opted to go with chicken and vegetable spring rolls as the appetizers, which I think were decent enough. They were hot, the wrap was rather crispy, and they didn’t taste bland. Honestly, I had to search really hard to find the bits of chicken. and the vegetable seemed to be predominantly cabbage. Overall they were okay.

China Express spring rolls
Chicken and vegetable spring rolls

For the entree, I went with chicken in black bean sauce and chicken in capital sauce which were accompanied by a side of steamed rice. The chicken in black bean sauce was de-boned chicken thigh which was cut into bite size pieces and cooked in a black bean sauce with green bell peppers. The sauce was a good balance of salty and mild spiciness, and the chicken was juicy and tender.

China Express chicken in black bean sauce
Chicken in black bean sauce

The chicken in capital sauce was also bite size and fried in a batter. It had a bit of a crunch and was coated what was a predominantly a sweet sauce. When had together, the choices of meats complimented each other, however, I had a slight preference for the chicken in black bean sauce. 

China Express chicken in capital sauce
Chicken in capital sauce

The servings were quite large, so I had to have them pack the remaining portions to take home. Overall it was a good dining experience and will be going back to check out some more of their dishes. 



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